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I was made redundant at 50 having been a car mechanic for 30 years. I am struggling to find a new job but generate some income through rentaskill Am meeting people and feel I am doing some good in the community.

I worked in the financial sector but on retirement felt quite useless at home and got on my wife’s nerves. Through rentaskill I help people with their finances, it gets me out of the house, has helped restore my self-esteem and maybe the saviour of my marriage!

I have been a housewife all my life but when the children left home I felt at a loose end. Through rentaskill I now get paid to use my ordinary skills of cooking, cleaning, ironing etc and I have met some lovely people.

We have started a small Food Company a year ago. While business is growing we are unable to pay a full time employee yet. Through rentaskill we always find someone to do the odd job for us for a few hours a week.