About Us

We are here for everyone of 18 or over however we are particularly relevant to those nearing mid-life and upwards from there.

Rentaskill is an interactive website created to help people use any skills or experience they have to earn additional income or just to benefit the community and the people who live in it.

We connect people who want to provide useful services to their community or would like to pass on their knowledge with people that need these skills and want to share their experience.

Rentaskill provides a platform for anyone who wants to promote their skills and experience.

Providing services for people in your community has many benefits including: generating additional income, creating opportunities for interaction for the lonely; providing incentives for people to get out and about.

Rentaskill can make these things happen for you! Just register, setting out the skills which you think might be useful to other people – the first skill you set out is absolutely free.

Why rentaskill is here

We live in an ageing society - however 60 is the new 50!

Better food and healthier lifestyles have made us much healthier than former generations.

There is an increasing number of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s whose relationships end, children leave home, or who lose their jobs etc. At this stage of life many people feel that they are not fully participating within their communities or society as whole. An extraordinary 76% of older people believe the country (that’s us!) is failing to make good use of their skills and talents (1).

The UK has an ageing population and we all owe it to ourselves and the wider community to make things better for this sector of our society. Simple things can make an enormous difference.

Let’s not waste our experience!

Individuals, companies and communities can benefit from this fountain of experience. The skills and knowledge of the elder generation which were passed down through guilds and tight family bonds are now often lost in our modern more disparate society.

Many People have time on their hands or need to earn extra cash.

Benefits for skilled members who want to:

  • use their spare time more constructively
  • use their skills, talent & experience
  • get out and meet people
  • contribute to their communities
  • earn extra cash
  • feel useful
  • stay active
  • Benefits for hiring Members include:

  • help for daily chores
  • help for specialist tasks (book keeping etc)
  • help for one off events
  • general support
  • caring
  • short term corporate hire
  • What We Do

    Rentaskill is a website to help people utilise any skills or experience they have in order to earn additional income or to benefit the community. We provide a platform on which you can promote yourself and your skills simply and with as little bureaucracy as possible.

    • You simply register your skills and experience on Rentaskill Guest Visitors can then find you
    • You and the Guest visitor then agree if and how you can work together
    • We match peoples’ talents with people who have a need for those talents.

    We list a wide range of skills that can be registered from dog walking to booking-keeping. So just register – it’s absolutely free for the first skill listed – and wait for someone to contact you.

    Get Others Involved

    The more we are the better it works!

    If you have friends or family who would benefit from joining Rentaskill please introduce them. Social interaction and an active lifestyle keeps us healthy and young. It is better to be doing things for people in the community than sitting at home.

    1. One Voice: Shaping our ageing society, Age Concern and Help the Aged, 2009..